Bronxwood Assisted Living Video Transcript

Assisted Living Video Transcript

Bronxwood Assisted Living, located in the heart of the Bronx, is a Medicaid Funded Assisted Living Center. Rent is covered through all sources of income including Social Security.

“What I think makes this place great is it’s centrally based. We are one of the only Assisted Living facilities in this neighborhood. It has been for over thirty years now. It is an amazing feat” – Jaime A., Health Services Coordinator.

Bronxwood Assisted Living offers 24 hour supervision in our newly remodeled facility offering outstanding security and comfort. Lounge in our beautiful sitting areas where our family gathers to discuss the day’s events.

“What makes this place special? Well, first of all, it’s a nice place. You come here and relax. You got your own room or you can share with a roommate. You make friends here. The staff is cool. You know, you have a lot of fun with the staff. You have outings, so yeah…and we have parties. All sorts of functions. And, we have people that care about us. You know, um, physically and mentally.” – Renee J., resident.

Enjoy our library area for reading or our dedicated movie theater showing movies by demand throughout the day. We offer private and semi-private rooms, that offer all the amenities of home with the added luxury of housekeeping, medication management, laundry services.

“There’s always someone, whether it be a doctor or a nurse, someone who makes sure you are eating right, you’re good and stuff like that.” – Che V., Son of Resident.

Three fantastic meals are prepared fresh throughout and take into consideration all dietary and religious requirements. Our nursing staff pride themselves on their compassionate care and treat each individual as their own family.

“You have the best of everything you could need under one roof. You have doctors come in house to see residents here and you can come downstairs and see a doctor and go right back upstairs to bed. That convenience is priceless. So with the platform I have to say: It’s a great place to live and (unintelligible).” – Ronnie H., Case Manager.

Recreation is a big part of our program. Residents enjoy trips to the local shops and venues. Activities, cooking, music, dancing and more.

“Something happened today, not an hour ago, where a gentleman who was in a nursing home for rehabilitation services and has been getting progressively frailer returned today, and when he saw me, he lit up and he clasped my hands and he looked at me of a saint. I’m not sure what I did to warrant that but it was very touching. You could see not only how glad he was to be back, but how glad he was to see me. ” -Judy W., Director of Case Services.

Give your loved one the independence they deserve while ensuring all of their needs are being taken care of at Bronxwood Assisted Living, the largest and longest running assisted living center in the Bronx. We invite you for a tour and find out why more and more people are choosing Bronxwood Assisted Living, where we’re more than assisted living, we’re better living.

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